Traffic and Visibility Post Google Core Update

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January 26, 2021
Sofia Yahyaoui

While most of us were preparing for this unusual holiday period, Google announced its third core algorithm update which officially started rolling out on December 3, 2020. Put simply, the particularity of these broad changes is that they can have a significant impact on domains’ traffic and visibility and ultimately affect revenue, as the algorithm takes new ranking factors into consideration. As Google explains: “they’re designed to ensure that overall, we’re delivering on our mission to present relevant and authoritative content to searchers.”


Core algorithm updates also exist to revise the search results to give an opportunity for high-quality content to rank better. Therefore, despite how a bit mysterious and unpredictable the effect of these changes might be, creating and curating relevant content regularly can only positively influence your position on SERPs.


Our SEO teams here at MediaVision keep a close eye on Google announcements that could create potential challenges or opportunities for our clients. By monitoring our clients’ domain performance and applying our technical and content expertise, we’ve been able to see growth amid these tough times. We thought we would share some great results we were able to achieve for some of our clients within the real estate and fashion industry.


1.   A Local Eyewear Brand


Some promising results have been seen for a leading eyewear brand with great wins across all 800 keywords with “glasses” and related terms experiencing the most uptick. The visibility went up by 4.24% with an average position increasing to 24.5 (+5.1). From a traffic perspective, we noticed an increase of 20% YoY. Lastly, the revenue went up by 23% YoY (period: 4th November to 31stDecember).

2.   A Leading Office Space Provider

Overall, this client have seen a SERP performance increase across a vast majority of office space and serviced offices related search terms in the UK. Their visibility rose by 1.83%. Our efforts helped them rank in position 1 for 23 new highly relevant keywords which are core to their business.

A +1% improvement has also translated itself across our global locations. USA, Hong Kong, and Australia all experienced a +1% rise in their average position across our key focus areas.

Finally, traffic peaked to +64% YoY and lead count up to 41% YoY for the period 4th November to 31st December.


3. A Local Accommodation Provider


Despite the current hostile period, the local accommodation provider enjoyed a visibility boost of 2.02% including local pack with an average position reaching 21 (+2). These improvements were realised across all student related keywords both in the local pack and traditional SERP.

However, the impact of the above refinements haven't resulted in a YOY traffic growth trend, the main reason being the pandemic and associated restrictions.

 4.  Buy to Let Options Provider

Share to Buy offers shared ownership and buy to let options. Looking at pre- and post-Google Core updates, we noticed that the brand has enjoyed a 5.77% increase in search visibility around high value terms.

We currently track 807 core terms and hold position 1-3 for 83.6% of these vital keywords allowing the client to dominate search results in this sector. Traffic saw an increase of 46% YoY and lead count up 20% YoY (period4th November to 31st December).

Following the roll out of this broad core update on December, the giant announced the roll out of the Core Web Vitals meant to take place sometimes this May. As Google has given webmasters a six-month notice to be ready for this major algorithm change, we have been checking Core Web Vitals for our clients thoroughly.

We’d be happy to help you prepare for it too to ensure you are in a strong position before it is launched. We are here to help you navigate any technical issues that may be preventing you from passing Google’s new assessment, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch. If you would like to know more, drop us a line at

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