4th March 2022

Predictive SEO – E-commerce’s Superpower

Imagine if you could see into the future…It’s up there with flying and invisibility in the “superpowers you’d most like to have” for sure!

Well, we’re here to say that SEO can give you that superpower! (A seamless segue there we’re sure you’d agree).

But it can! You just need to think a bit differently. Instead of seeing it as a reactive tool, think about it more as a predictive one. By having this mindset, suddenly changes things. It means the SEO function is also there to spot future trends so that a business can better prepare and earn high rankings later. Clever stuff!

What’s cutting edge is that it uses real-time data and performance tools – such as a digital demand tracker (cough) – to anticipate consumer search behaviour. Rather than reacting to past trends, or just guesswork. In turn, that data supports a much broader digital strategy alongside performance KPIs.

This predictive SEO is particularly useful because it enables e-commerce brands to maximise the benefits of the whole customer demand cycle. So your early warnings, scaling with demand, optimising sales and margins. All that important stuff.

And then, and here’s an idea you can have for free – you can go about building an integrated approach to SEO across your organisation. It is then moving it on from hygiene factors to a key growth tool.

For example, annual trends from a buying point of view are really tricky; what was successful last year might not be successful this year, so retailers require speed-to-insight to gain a competitive edge. Understanding demand and trends at a product level – even in a flat market – is therefore incredibly useful to retailers.

What a digital demand tracker (yes it really is this good) can also do is assist by supplying search trend data that can be modelled to predict actual product demand. This data is invaluable to the buying and merchandising teams, for example, providing details such as which colour or style, the volume they need to be purchased or prepared in – ensuring more stock is sold at full value, rather than moving to sale price.

And the best bit? You can make incremental optimisations at every business touchpoint – spreading the value of predictive SEO throughout our operation, and boosting those organic rankings.

Now THAT’s a superpower…

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