14th June 2022

Global Search Awards 2022

MediaVision & Addison Lee Ride into Position 1

Addison Lee has given us a number of unique challenges and we’ve risen to every one of them, so we’re absolutely elated to be shortlisted for BEST INTEGRATED CAMPAIGN: LARGE at the Global Search Awards 2022.

The Challenge

Help Addison Lee in a pivotal moment from both business and market perspectives.  

Addison Lee was facing three major challenges:

– a change in business ownership

– a shift in demand due to the COVID restrictions

– new competitors entering the market

The Goal

We started out with pretty ambitious goals:

– growing organic, non-paid sessions by +40% YOY  

– generating revenue from new customer acquisition at a 4.8 ROAS

The Results

In the 12 months after April 2021 we:

– Grew organic traffic by 53% YOY

– Drove more than 11,000 bookings  

– ROAS of 11x

How did we do it?

We used strategic onsite and offsite SEO including:

– Local onsite content  

– Digital PR activity  

– Paid media strategy focused on new customer acquisition

This streamlined integrated approach achieved fantastic results and built the foundation for future growth and a lasting relationship with the client. This is the bedrock of MediaVision’s organic-first strategy with support from paid and achieves again and again.

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