29th June 2022

Digital PR – What’s the story?

Generally, the aim of PR is gaining awareness of a brand through non-paid for media channels, think magazines, TV, online, radio etc.  

Digital PR is the younger sister of traditional PR.  Its aim is to gain coverage online in order to drive organic growth for brands.  Digital PR professionals are tasked with creating reactive and proactive stories which make online editors sit up, take notice, give a mention and ultimately create a backlink to a clients’ website.

Proactive PR

Planning stories involves taking a clients’ key objectives and researching ideas which lead to stories.  These can be product related, for example the launch of a new item, range or service; or data driven where a topic is researched, an angle created and the client’s name attributed to the findings.  

These kind of feature articles are generally ‘sold in’ to a specifically targeted title on an exclusive basis (in return for mentions and backlinks) or generally released and followed up for mass coverage.

Reactive PR

Reactive PR involves monitoring what’s going on in the news to find and seize opportunities where a client brand could add value. For example, breaking news stories or updates within an industry could provide an opportunity. The aim is to not only enrich the story in question, it provides a platform to showcase a brand’s expertise. It provides the chance to be mentioned in the press, gaining those valuable links and coverage, without the bells and whistles that go with usual press distribution.  

Whether it’s a fleeting topic, or an ongoing story that will continue to generate interest over time, reactive and newsjacking PR will help keep a brand relevant, even when there is no other activity planned.  

MediaVision’s Digital PR

The way MediaVision approaches digital PR is the same as we approach all our services.  With data at its heart.  Our team of expert PRs spend their days consuming the insights produced from the MediaVision SEO Predict Platform which features our unique Digital Demand Tracker and Share of Search Technology.

Client-specific data is mined, and stories are created with our client’s name front and centre.  We find the angle and you’ll get the traffic.

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