29th June 2022

What is Share of Search? (and what to do with it when you know yours)

In SEO share of search is a measure of your brand’s visibility through organic search in comparison to other brands in the same sector.

We work it out by taking the number of searches for your brand and finding out what proportion it is of the total searches for all brands in your industry.

Our Share of Search tool gives you a lovely, clear illustration so you don’t need to do the maths or work out where you are in comparison to your competitors.

Simple right?

So what do you do when you know your share of search?  

At MediaVision we like to say our tech “Helps CMOs determine the effectiveness of their brand spend on brand health”. If you’re a CMO that probably makes sense right away but lets break that down for the rest of us.

Firstly, knowing your share of search means you know how much your brand is on the mind of consumers. These are searches for brand as well as brand plus product, they come from people searching specifically for your brand solely or in conjunction with the product they are interested in so all your top of funnel marketing efforts that go into reminding consumers you exist help this.

Share of Search allows you to compare your brand to others. If your brand isn’t doing as well as a direct competitor it allows you to ask why. You can look at your competitor’s brand marketing versus your own and decide if you want to emulate them.  

It also shows you how brands have done over time, there are brands that you may not have considered as direct competitors but their share of search is on the rise so they are ones to watch out for.

If you couple your new share of search knowledge with agile SEO it will let you react to the market faster than your competitors, you can get your brand out there through digital PR and strategic onsite content. This type of content helps raise your brand profile organically, so next time your customer searches for something your brand supplies, it’s your brand they find so they’ll start to think of you first and eventually search your brand directly and you’ll watch your share of search and revenue, grow.

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