Outreach in the Luxe Sector – How high-end brands can realise the key to unlocking their SEO.

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July 15, 2019

The past couple of years has seen a dramatic shake in both retail and fashion, as consumer shopping habits continue to change.

The landscape is ever more competitive, with a more prominent lean towards ecommerce; even for larger brands who have an extortionate ‘above the line’ presence.

The Biggest Problem


Designer brands have built a brand with a focus on protection and control, but in the digital age, how fashion and particularly high-end fashion is consumed, has completely changed. Where attention spans are shorter, and consumers have become their own content creators, luxe brands are competing amongst more voices, in a way that can no longer be as precise or cautious. Consumers are more focused.

This is where link building comes into its own – helping bolster brand demand, but also helping with non-brand searches as well.

Customer and brand loyalty will always remain relevant, but the truth is, it is on the decline as consumers switch between brands a lot faster. In 2016, it was reported that 77% of people are considered brand loyal, even though 40% of these would make repeat purchases but not necessarily “loyal” to just that brand. A couple of years later, only 61% of loyal customers go out of their way to buy from specific brands.

Brand loyalty continues to decline as new brands emerge on to the scene every day, affecting both brands with a history and strong following, and new brands just coming up.

Instagram and influencers have radically changed the game in terms of who is seen as fashionable, and “in the moment”. This new stomping ground for retail has allowed brands to be “naturally” put in front of consumers and can be the reason only 30% of millennials state they feel loyal to a brand.

With this in mind, if a brand is looking to establish itself, or continue to grow, there always needs to be the attitude of increasing the customer base – whether that’s getting in front of more people or converting those who are unlikely customers.

The Tool That All Luxe Brands Need in Their Arsenal…

A strong Outreach/link building team to regularly gain backlinks.

A good Digital PR works on achieving hits (gaining links) from high authority websites, working alongside the SEO team to ensure links are driven to relevant pages, and building the domain authority from this. As a result of focusing on the gaps that can benefit from link building, there should be a boost in rankings for clients, as well as visibility for the brand and particular areas of the website.

Where a Traditional/in-house team would focus on brand awareness, an excellent Digital PR/Outreach team focuses on the strategic link building that helps boost a brand’s visibility and rankings on Google; and the SEO team’s findings guide this.

A lot of luxury and high-end brands tend to downplay the need for a strong link building strategy, sometimes not realising what it can do for their brand, in favour of having a Traditional PR team. However, there will always be a place for both.

Ultimately, luxe and Premium needs Digital and Outreach

In 2014, a report by McKinsey & Company was published suggesting that digital influences almost half of all luxury sales, despite this and the decline in print’s ROI, luxury brands are still hesitant to invest in digital fully. However, at MediaVision, we find the results speak for themselves.

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