Core Web Vitals Update: Are You Prepared?

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March 18, 2021


Every time Google announces an update, it shakes up the Marketing world. The latest one that webmasters and e-commerce businesses have their eye on is the Core Web Vitals update, set to roll out sometime in May 2021.


What Are Google Core Web Vitals?

Put simply, Core Web Vitals is composed of three metrics that make up what Google calls the 'Page Experience'.  They exist to provide the best possible experience for users as they interact with a website by scoring page load speed, responsiveness and visual stability. These are all signals which ultimately impact visibility, rankings and revenue.

Insights from an SEO Expert

To share our insights on the topic, we hosted our SEO Coffee Chat on the 11th of March to help brands prepare ahead of the rollout. We touched upon the nature, importance and measurement of the 'Page Experience' metric during the session. We also shared where to find and how to use the free tools available to improve your site’s scores.

How to lose customers?

There’s nothing more frustrating than scrolling through a page and waiting 15 seconds for an important piece of content to load. Or filling in a form, just to see a button processing the request for another 10 seconds. These are all signs of a poor onsite experience, and Google is paying a close attention to these issues as they severely impact UX. Moving forward, in an ever digitally connected world, the aim is to recreate an "in-person" experience, but virtually. As more brick-and-mortar businesses close and e-commerce flourishes, it is vital for brands and webmasters to bring the physical 'in-store' experience online, seamlessly.

Are you ready for the May update?

If you'd like to find out more about the upcoming algorithm change and the actions that need to be taken to comply with Google's recent guidelines, we've got you covered. FILL IN THE FORM BELOW to receive a copy of the recording, or get in touch with us at to chat about your SEO.

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