Preparing for Valentine’s Day in 2021: Getting Your Digital Marketing Strategy Ahead of The Curve

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February 10, 2021
Jacky Lovato

Interest around ‘Valentine’s Day gifts’ and other key terms usually peak in the first week of February ahead of the 14th, but this year the trend started much earlier as the public began planning for a slightly different Valentine’s Day in 2021.  

With millions of people still on lockdown, upping the romance at home or spoiling a loved one from afar has become a huge priority, with searches for ‘creative Valentine’s Day gifts’, ‘flowers’, ‘chocolates’, ‘greeting cards’ and even ‘teddy bears’ trending earlier than ever before.  

With more people looking to deliver presents and ordering ahead of the rush, Google searches for Valentine’s Day gifts were already five times higher at the end of January compared to the same time last year, with interest peaking way ahead of the traditional curve.    

Top performing search terms around Valentine’s Day


Over the last months, we’ve seen the following keywords experience a sharp increase compared to last year over the same period:


  • Flower Delivery:   +163%  
  • Sexy Lingerie:      +61,52%
  • Chocolate:            +60%
  • Lazy Spa:         +300%

More people are taking care of their mind and heart this Valentine’s Day

Sentiment has changed around this significant commercial shopping day in more ways than one, and another interesting trend has emerged this year around self-gifting and care.  

We’re seeing the shift in real-time, with online demand for ‘loungewear’, ‘face masks’, ‘onesies’, ‘inflatable hot tubs’ and various beauty products all surging by more than 100% in January compared to the year before. This means Valentine’s Day in lockdown is about more than just spoiling loved ones, but about shoppers feeling empowered to indulge themselves too.  

We were able to witness those changes via our technology, and we observed some evolution for the following terms:  


  • Men's Boxers:       +131%
  • Facial Steamer:    +105,85%
  • Face masks:         +151%
  • Loungewear:        +300%

Tracking the trends

The ability to anticipate emerging trends around traditional commercial events gives brands an unfair advantage, enabling them to capitalise on the increase in search demand as it happens. Brands who used these insights to diversify their Valentine’s Day messaging in 2021, include key phrases around self-love and self-care, are ahead of the pack.  

One brand that’s done this superbly is our client (a leading lingerie brand). Their campaign 'Love me For Me' Valentine’s campaign plays into the notion of self-love, self-gifting and falling in love with yourself. By tying their campaign messaging into trends around self-care, confidence and spoiling yourself, the brand saw a massive 96% uplift in demand in January as Valentine’s Day searches ramped up.  

Our Digital Demand tracker is a proprietary tool designed to help brands navigate the new normal and understand what consumers are looking for now, providing real-time insights into the sentiment behind our search habits.  

“The way we shop is continuously changing, with new and emerging trends, ever evolving online platforms functionalities and a rapid shift from offline to online shopping over the last 12 months, Google reports that 15% of daily searches are new, never seen before queries. All of these factors represent a huge opportunity for retailers to stay ahead of the game by identifying and capitalising on these online opportunities. Our digital demand tracker is the best way for brands to be fast and first, by rapidly identifying and measuring changes in search trends & demand within their sector”, says Jack Felstead, Chief Growth Officer at MediaVision.

How we can help you get ahead of the trends

Our Digital Demand Tracker is a proprietary tool designed to give you an unfair advantage when it comes to staying ahead of the competition. Our unique data and technology capabilities allow us to provide impartial strategic advice and to use technology-driven insights to continuously improve and drive effective impactful digital campaigns.

Our teams are here to help you better plan and get ahead of your competitors in these uncertain times. We are dedicated to assist, advise, and provide you with efficient integrated strategies underpinned by market and brand demand so you can stay ahead of the game!

Feel free to drop us a line if you would like to find out about smart tactics to grow every day.

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