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November 11, 2020
Jacky Lovato

Page Experience Will Be a Google Ranking Factor

Google just announced a major change to the way it ranks websites, and we’re here to help you prep!  Here at MediaVision, we keep a very close eye on Google announcements that could create potential challenges or opportunities for our clients. Safe to say, it’s always significant when the company changes the way it ranks websites. Today, the search giant announced a new algorithm change that will start considering page experience as a ranking factor. What is page experience? Page experience is all about how users perceive their interaction with a webpage. Simply put, if Google thinks people don’t enjoy using your website, it won’t rank very well in the search results.How Google measures page experience. A few of the metrics that help Google understand how whether a user might perceive their interaction with your website as positive or negative include things like page load speed, interactivity and the stability of content as it loads, among others.Google calls these things “Core Web Vitals”, and they can be monitored via Google Search Console.

To find out, even more, Google also analyses existing signals, like mobile-friendliness, safe-browsing, HTTPS, and intrusive ads. All these things together make up the “page experience” secret sauce.

If you’ve ever accidentally tapped the wrong thing because content on the page was jumping around, that’s something Google Search would consider a bad experience. It’s all about quality Although this is a significant change to how Google views websites, it’s important to note that page experience isn’t the only thing that matters when it comes to rankings.The company says it will still rank pages “with the best information overall, even if some aspects of page experience are subpar.” In short, delivering the information your audience is looking for is still the ultimate goal. But if there are pages with the similar or exact content, page experience becomes a key factor. When is this all happening? Google says these changes won’t be going live this year, so we’ve got some time to prep. The company will give a 6-months’ notice before they go live sometime in 2021. Marius Badenhorst, Head of SEO at MediaVision, says, “we monitor core web vitals for all our clients, and we’ll be reviewing opportunities and challenges across the board in light of this new algorithm change. Our biggest focus is to help clients navigate any technical hurdles that might be keeping their website from passing Google’s Core Web Vitals assessment and making sure they’re in a solid position before roll out next year. In the meantime, relevant content and user experience are as important as ever.”

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