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August 2, 2021

This week it is all about MARKET demand - Searches for fans and air-conditioning up 1000% as UK heatwave hits and travel is back on the agenda!

MARKET Demand by  Sector 

Sector                                      Change (YOY) 

Beauty                                      -26.06%

Fashion                                     +10.15%

Homeware                                -10.97%

Property                                   -14.08%

Supermarkets                          -10.75%

Tech and Goods                      -16.82%

Key Highlights 


The July heatwave that hit the UK has led to a whole set of weather-related search phrases among which we find:



·       Air conditioner(+1013.24%)

·       Spray tan (+175%)

·       Sun cream (+247,42%)

·       Sun loungers(+178.05%)

·       Dyson fan (+1106.25%)


Since it was possible for locals to escape on holidays, our tool spotted demand for travel-related items. Over the last two weeks, the following keywords increased significantly:


·       Men’s flight bag (+197%)

·       Toiletry bag (+173%)

·       Passport cover (62,83%)

·       Polaroid Camera (+37.40%)

·       Travel essentials (+26.07%)

·       Travel bag (+24.22%)

·       Suitcase (+21%)

·       Travel case (+15%)

Matthew Platts, Managing Partner at MediaVision comments: “ People in England, Scotland and Wales have been allowed to go on holiday since May but as international travel restrictions have been lifted, we’ve seen a surge in search terms that support travel intent.  The travel industry is facing encouraging times, given its struggles over the last year. Travel plans are starting to emerge, consumer confidence is growing back as more people get fully vaccinated.”

Brand Demand by  Sector 

Sector                                      Change (YOY) 

Beauty                                      -34.58%

Fashion                                     -8.75%

Homeware                                -33.02%

Property                                   -6.48%

Supermarkets                          -2.39%

Tech and Goods                      -14.51%

Key Highlights 


The top performing fashion brands include names like


·       Phase Eight (+458,40%)

·       Lavish Alice (+110,75%)

·       Never Fully Dressed (+79,67%)

·       Motel Rocks (+73,80%)



Although the beauty industry is down as a whole, a few brands are still exuding exceptional growth such as


·       Eve Lom (+350,00%)

·       Kylie Cosmetics(+285,71%)

·       Kkw Beauty (+76,47%)

·       Escentual (+60,87%)



Winners for this week, in the property sector are:


·       Lend Lease (+360,00%)

·       Savills (+185,71%)

·       Shanly Homes(+138,46%)

·       London Square   (+112,50%)

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