Online Search Trends: What Does Data Reveal for the Week Commencing the 12th July 2021?

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July 13, 2021
Sofia Yahyaoui

Let's take a look at the companies and sectors receiving the largest growth online searches, and the reasons why.

Performance Marketing World, in partnership with MediaVision, brings you our regular Digital Demand Tracker - a source of data around search trends online.

Here’s what the data shows for the week commencing 12th July 2021…

BRAND Demand by Sector

Sector                                                   Change (YOY)

Beauty                                           -30.04%

Fashion                                          -6.26%

Homeware                                     -31.17%

Property                                         -2.13%

Supermarkets                                -10.18%

Tech and Goods                            -22.23%

Key Highlights

Although the beauty market has experienced a slight decline over the last 2 weeks, some brands are showing significant growth. It is particular

  • Kkw Beauty (+146%)
  • The Perfume shop (49%) (experiencing upticks in search for 4 consecutive weeks)
  • Paula'S Choice (+43%)

The Fashion brands that have been searched the most are

  • Silkfred (+191,55%)
  • Anya Hindmarch (+144,18%)
  • House Of Cb (+135,36%)  
  • Lavish Alice (+143,37%)

The property sector is still strong driven by exponential growth in searches for companies such as  Croudace Homes (+891,67%), Stirling Ackroyd (+575,93%), Inland Homes (+497,73%), and Strutt & Parker (+254,55%).

MARKET Demand by Sector

Sector                                                   Change (YOY)

Beauty                                           -14.22%

Fashion                                          +5.90%

Homeware                                     -15.92%

Property                                         -12.76%

Supermarkets                                -19.63%

Tech and Goods                            -25.76%

Key Highlights

Over the past two weeks

Online beauty demand has seen big increases for terms like  

  • Boob Tape (+465,22%)
  • Makeup Gift Sets (+466,67%)  
  • Festival Makeup(+252,63%)

Online search demand for Fashion products is led by items like  

  • Black Tie Dresses (+335,06%)
  • Tote Bags For Women (+364,15%)  
  • Gold Heels (+187,18%)

These beauty products are in higher demand as people return to socializing after a long period of lockdown.

Stand-outs that imply people are looking to travel include.

  • Men's Wash Bag (+245,45%)
  • Villas in Menorca (+126,72%)

“We can clearly see the effect of lockdown restrictions being lifted with searches trending towards going-out fashion, makeup and wedding attire. With the lift of travel restrictions from July 19th it will be interesting to see if searches for holidays, airlines and holiday accessories, like Men's Wash Bag and Villas in Menorca will expand further.” Adam Freeman, Managing Partner, MediaVision.

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