Selling office space during a pandemic?

Due to the global pandemic in early 2020, demand for office space changed significantly across much of Europe, North America and Asia Pacific, and as leads decreased, the brand was forced to reduce their traditional paid activities. Instants paid campaigns usually equated to 30-40% of enquiries per month, it was our objective to grow the SEO enquiries by 30% per month to make up for the PPC shortfall.

The Growth Challenge

Our objective was to grow SEO leads to 5,000 per month from March onwards - making up for the shortfall from paid media.

Our Solution

Using custom made software, we analysed thousands of enquiries to the brand which enabled us to identify and categorise the job titles of the enquirers. From this analysis we found the two main groups of people that procure office space were office managers and entrepreneurs.

To target these key audiences effectively we had to rethink our content strategy as we had previously focused predominantly on entrepreneurs with business-orientated content, so to widen our net and create even more opportunities to gain quality enquiries, we broadened our approach to include office managers.

One significant challenge was to create content to appeal to national news titles. To solve this, we wrote software that enabled us to analyse Companies House Open Source data, which meant we could unlock trends in the start-up space to create content that was insightful enough to appeal to our office manager and entrepreneur audiences.  

By taking this trend data we created content pieces like "What should you be earning at your age" and "How to double your annual leave" which resonated with the lifestyle and mainstream press and delivered great link acquisition. With SEO informing the team of priority link opportunities, we were able to concentrate our efforts on location pages with the highest potential to convert.  

Key Results

As June saw global lockdowns begin to ease, the enquiries started to pour in. Between June and September, Instant Offices saw a 62.5% increase in enquiries through organic traffic.

When adding in paid sourced enquiries we finished the quarter only -5.5% down, which is an unprecedented achievement for the business and cost per lead fell by 85% as a result. 


Increase in UK sessions & 48% increase in leads


Increase in US sessions & 92% increase in leads


Increase in sessions in Singapore & 112% increase in leads


Increase in sessions in Hong Kong & 75% increase in leads

Instant Offices

MediaVision’s Strength is in truly understanding us and aligning with our key business objectives, which includes driving high quality leads in our core markets.

Bryan Hunter, Instant offices

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