New Look

New Look Case Study March 2023

New Look needed better performance.
Applying our (SEO growth model) and (pioneering tech) their <visibility increased by 300+%> and non-brand SEO traffic <increased by +68%>.
Now the future is looking stronger by the day.

(The Opportunity)

New Look partnered with us to improve performance, increase visibility in key non-brand terms, and boost organic rankings. Here’s how we did it.

(The Approach)

We built the solutions ourselves.

We revolutionised our SEO strategy for New Look to create a weekly demand-led and reactive approach to tackle a difficult market.
To give us weekly insight into market demand, we created a bespoke set of tools, which formed the pioneering MediaVision Metis platform.
The development of Metis has resulted in a total rethink of our ways of working. By letting demand-led insights take centre stage and marrying that insight with technology which allows us to work on an unprecedented scale, we had the foundation in place to ensure we could respond to market trends fast and first.
New Look’s performance transformed. Metis has become an integral resource for New Look and has been embedded into their ways of working.

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(Potential Unlocked)

New Look’s organic rankings increased, as well as the brand’s visibility across key non-brand terms.​ No technical changes to the site were possible during this period which makes these results even more impressive.​

  • 66%

    improvement across 11,000 phrases
  • 300%

    improvement in Top 3 Positions (268 to 826)
  • 25%

    Non-brand traffic growth
  • 23%

    Non-brand revenue growth
  • 14x


    (The Detail)

    The Metis Tools driving New Look’s success

    Digital Demand Tracker (DDT)
    Weekly demand data drives fast and first actions.

    Category Monitoring Tool
    Optimising on-page elements at scale.

    Category Crosslinking Algorithm
    Updating category crosslinking in line with demand and seasonal relevance

    Product Visibility Tool
    Elevating findability for products.

    Total Search Tool
    Highlighting cannibalisation between organic and paid search.

    How we can help

    To find out how our people plus tech philosophy can help your business grow, get in touch today.

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