Moss Case Study March 2023

(The Opportunity)

Rock-solid (partnerships) for <unlimited growth>

Moss had a brilliant reputation as a formal wear provider. But they had bigger ambitions.

In late 2021 Moss expanded into casual clothing. In order to succeed they needed customers. They wanted to achieve this by focusing on targeted, digital channels.

The objective was clear – change perceptions and increase traffic and revenue in a crowded marketplace.


(The Approach)

It wasn’t just the pioneering technology that delivered success, it wouldn’t have been possible without the close partnership we have built with Moss’s digital, SEO and Content Teams

A series of in-depth discovery calls got us into the weave of the business, what each area considered a priority, if they had any pain points and where they saw themselves in the future

  1. Our SEO experts created a thorough search phrase analysis (SPA) to review the total addressable market that Moss could potentially tap into. We also built them a bespoke  Digital Demand Tracker specifically for Moss. 
  2. The SPA and demand data was used by our SEO team to reoptimise existing and create new categories to expand the category set and tap into the wider share of market.
  3. The SEO and content teams worked together to create meta data and on-page content to target the most optimal phrases per category.

As Moss is not widely known for being a casualwear retailer, our content and PR teams needed to utilise editorial content to transmit to both existing and potential customers that this was the direction the brand was heading. We worked alongside the internal team to create new stories to effectively communicate this transition.

To support our onsite technical SEO work and feed external links into both existing and new categories a robust link acquisition strategy was deployed. The Digital PR team outreached trends-led, data-led and editorial pieces. 

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(Potential Unlocked)

  • +112%

    Organic traffic vs. 2021
  • +42%

    Organic revenue vs. 2021

    (The Detail)

    How we drove success for Moss using METIS

    Digital Demand Tracker (DDT)

    Weekly demand data unlocks potential to grow visibility at a seasonal and weekly trend-led level.

    Information Architecture Tool

    Identifying opportunities for category expansion.

    Category Monitoring Tool

    Recommending meta data and content tweaks and enhancing categories with more product options.

    Crosslinking Algorithm

    Promoting findability for new and existing categories.

    Product Visibility Tool

    Elevating good products onsite.


    As a result of delivering exceptional outcomes during our three  month trial Moss has committed to a long-term partnership us.

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    To find out how our people plus tech philosophy can help your business grow, get in touch today.

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