Abbott Lyon

Abbott Lyon Case Study March 2023

Abbott Lyon were growing. And had ambitions to do it faster. Metis took SEO actions and Digital PR activity to the next level.

We Delivered:

Visibility <551% increase>

Non-brand organic revenue <+72% YoY>

(The Opportunity)

The online jewellery brand Abbott Lyon was looking for YoY non-brand organic growth across traffic and revenue.

Plus, an average of five digital PR links per month.

At speed – We had nine months.

(The Approach)

Abbott Lyon had not employed an SEO partner previously and needed an agency to fast-track their aggressive growth targets.

We proposed an integrated SEO approach to tackle both onsite and offsite challenges todeliver the most cost-effective ROI.

Non-brand ranking visibility could have been better against competitors. We made up this ground by:

  • Rectifying the onsite challenges we uncovered during our immersion
  • Implementing an engaging content strategy
  • Deliver high-quality links from a robust Digital PR strategy

MediaVision Metis was central to implementation. Digital Demand Tracker weekly data helped our teams spot emerging trends. Onsite SEO actions and Digital PR activity were aligned to take advantage early.

Our Metis e-commerce tools were deployed with success. This resulted in category creation and made categories more findable to customers.

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(Potential Unlocked)

Abbott Lyon’s non-brand organic traffic <+36%> against target, as well as a visibility increase of <551%>.

They also experienced their best Black Friday revenue ever, with 15% above total organic revenue target and <80%> up total organic YoY

Digital PR: 65 links with an average DA of 64

  • +78% YoY

    Non-Brand Organic Traffic
  • +72% YoY

    Non-brand Organic Revenue
  • +24

    Personalised Necklace
  • +41

    Personalised Jewellery

    (The Detail)

    The Metis Tools which drove success for Abbott Lyon

    Digital Demand Tracker (DDT)

    Spotting and acting on weekly trends.

    Information Architecture Tool (IAT)

    Health checking the Abbott Lyon website.

    Category Monitoring Tool

    Spotting category growth opportunities.

    Crosslinking Algorithm

    Improving findability for both new and existing categories.

    Product Visibility Tool

    Elevating trending products.

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    To find out how our people plus tech philosophy can help your business grow, get in touch today.

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