Realising digital growth potential?

Hobbs is a major high street clothing retailer was operating right in the middle of dealing with falling footfall in the high street, a physical retail network built for the past and a digital platform that had SEO challenges. Alongside this the brand was suffering from falling awareness and a digital transformation programme that was key to brands long term success.

The Growth Challenge

How to arrest the slide of SEO performance, rectify the technology challenges and implement an optimisation stream that delivered great non brand SEO growth for the brand.  

Our Solution

We approached the challenge in two phases; a technical assessment and programme prioritised technical fixes and then a second agile optimisation workstream in which we are working alongside the internal team to drive improvements on a daily basis.

At the heart of our solution was a revamped SEO growth strategy to drive non-brand search traffic into the online store and dramatically increase online visibility and sales.


YOY increase in non brand search visits


YOY increase in non brand search revenue


MediaVision have impressed us with their knowledge, strategic thinking and level of service which is unparalleled. Most importantly though for us, as a brand and e-commerce team, was the need for an SEO agency to integrate not only with our team and supply best practice advice but to integrate with our development agency. This close working relationship between SEO agency, dev agency and business owner has been the difference between the delivery of good results and the delivery of great results

Charlotte German, Hobbs

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