30th May 2021

MediaVision Announces Long-term Charity Partnership with Justdiggit

MediaVision are pleased to announce their new long-term charity with Justdiggit to help bring alive their mission to ‘grow every day’ in line with their fresh new vision for 2021. As part of their partnership, MediaVision will donate 1% of their client fees to support their work.

With MediaVision’s support, Justdiggit will be able to regreen thousands of square meters of degraded land and capture millions of liters of water. The benefits include helping livelihoods, soil and ecosystem restoration, carbon sequestration above and below ground, biodiversity restoration and ultimately a cooler planet. Justdiggit makes dry land green again by inspiring and activating farmers in Africa, positively impacting climate change, nature and people.

Degraded landscapes are restored by combining traditional techniques with new technology and a strong communication approach. Justdiggit works primarily in Kenya and Tanzania but is expanding into Ethiopia and Uganda. In the last few years, Justdiggit has brought back over 6 million trees with the practice of Kisikia Hai.  In Kenya, they have already dug over 145,000bunds – semi-circular shaped pits that capture rainwater – a greener revolution in the making!

This announcement marks another big step for the business in what has been a period of growth and development for the agency with an influx of big clients wins and the hiring of two new managing partners, Adam Freeman and Matthew Platts.

Louis Venter, Founder and CEO of MediaVision comments: “With the roots of our agency laid down in South Africa, we knew it was important that we give back to the continent that helped us with our initial growth. Now 15 yearslater we are growing bigger and faster than ever, and we knew it was time totake on an exciting charity partnership that mirrored this growth. Justdiggitperfectly represented our messaging and ethos, whilst also giving back to the continentthat means a lot to the company and the individuals that work here.”

Stuart Taylor, UK Country Director at Justdiggit comments: “It’s inspiring to have a growing, award-winning business like MediaVision step up to play their role in driving nature-based solution to climate change. It was clear from the start that their values aligned with the work we do, and we are do proud to have them joining the regreen revolution as a new partner”

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