6th August 2019

Digital Marketing Strategy – It’s all about the data!

Our everyday lives revolve around data; think about it, we use our phones to interact with each other, pay our bills, buy our lunches and even to pay for travel.

Our data footprint is everywhere and with digital marketing being so fast moving, modern marketers are expected to use the data and turn it into results. The key is collating and turning it into actionable insights, which really isn’t an easy task.

Mammoths such as Amazon, Google and social media platforms take us on a journey but cultivating the meaning of that journey from contrasting sources can be a minefield and a real pain in the arse!

There are varying degrees of organisation and collecting of data that businesses employ and each takes a different step or level approach to processing managing this data. It usually is solely determined by the budgets available at the time.

Here at Mediavision, we see clients of varying sizes and service levels utilise a very basic level of logging into individual platforms, pull reports and insights and then aggregate the data they need into presentation formats or spreadsheets. As a company resource expands, the company may utilise entire teams or software solutions to compile all the data into illustrative reports.

The Ocean of Data

Let’s face it, digital marketing teams need to be as efficient as possible. It does not matter how large a company gets, the need to collect and have all the data in one place will be a requirement we can’t overlook. There is a point where digital marketing teams become inefficient by logging into individual platforms on a one off basis, hence the need for data manipulation and visualisation tools such as Google Data StudioKlipfolio or Tableau to combine multiple data into one place to have the full picture of performance in one place.

Here at Mediavision, we help our clients with a solution to give them the full picture by using these before mentioned platforms to visualise the data in easily digestible junks that any board level person will be able to use for actionable insights.

If we can access actionable data points, you can change the way you market yourself and improve the way you do business.

A study conducted by McKinsey Global, businesses that are informed by data have increased profits by 126% and ROI by 132%!

(image credit: https://www.mckinsey.com)

The benchmarking provided by this study reveals that extensive data evaluation has the biggest impact on performance in the retail industry.

Having the tools to unpick the data from your website, third party sources and social media platforms, the customer’s digital journey becomes clearer. You will be able to turn individual analysis pieces into a complete view, highlight buyer intent and behaviour and consumers consumption rates.

Digital marketing decisions can only inform us depending on the strength and accuracy of the data that we have in front of us. Having the correct key metrics and tracking platforms, data analysis will inform us in the right way to make the right decisions to take your business to the next level.

At Mediavision, we have the solutions to unpick the data and turn these into a path to purchase, establish clear KPI’s and give you the best ROI. Do Get In Touch and take your data to the next level!

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