State of the SEO Nation
We believe:

SEO does not get the credit it deserves as a dynamic growth marketing channel.

We need to do better at demonstrating the value of what we all do.

Now is the time to come together and take our message out to the wider business community.

It is time to redefine SEO
We believe SEO is a deeply misunderstood, miscommunicated and often mis-sold marketing function. Due to this we believe that a lot of businesses have developed a distrust in SEO due to the often lack of transparency and clarity when attributing results. We are seen as the experts in the corner who are obsessed with keywords and other technical things. Sure, we get stuff sold and drive business success, but we are still seen as a bit tactical, involved in the dark arts and due to this, often become an ‘afterthought’.

Within a lot of organisations, SEO is done in silo and is seen as an add-on. The teams who actually work with us understand how powerful our contribution is, but businesses more broadly, and even certain areas of marketing departments typically just do not recognise the value we bring.

Then there are the other misconceptions: SEO is slow; it can’t be strategic; we spend most of our time on dev work rather than delivering tangible results; we take up too much of people’s time; getting results takes too long. Even the broader marketing media titles do not give us much airtime – they keep us away from the big marketing conversations that matter.

Those of us in the industry know this is all wrong. But what are we doing about it?

Here at MediaVision we think it’s time to stop talking among ourselves and to look outwards. We need to take our message out across the entire business community, to drive home the value of SEO and the strategic role it can play.

In short, redefine SEO.

It will take time and effort. We want to involve the entire SEO community and make this a group endeavour.

We have the chance for you to have your voice heard via our survey.
It will culminate in the first ever annual State of the SEO Nation Report which we will publish in early 2023.
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