SEO Case Study: A Success-Story in the Retail Industry

SEO increases revenue for lingerie brands
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April 22, 2021
Sofia Yahyaoui

Commitment To Consistent Growth

Grow every day is way more than just a tagline. It is our vision, what we embody, here at MediaVision.  It means we consistently go above and beyond for our clients. So, if we're going to say that we Grow Every Day, we certainly have to live up to that standard. From the services to the creative ideas we offer, we need to show that we are always experiencing and generating growth, and that’s just what we did with one of our clients, a leading international lingerie brand. Part of our mission is to grow their organic visibility and traffic using SEO and we’ve managed to deliver strong results that we’re going to present below.

Why Invest in Organic Search

Organic search is the most cost-effective way to take market share away from your competitors. Our award-winning approach to SEO is designed to create and grow a defendable market share by using our proprietary digital market demand tracking technology. Coupled with our agile working methodology, this technology enables our team to gain unique market insights and react first to market changes.

Despite the fact that SEO has a high ROI, many brands focus on paid social and search. SEO requires loads of effort, but once you rank, sales will soar, and competitors can't just outspend you to takeback market share quickly.

Three Pillars To Great Ongoing Organic Visibility​

Our integrated best practice approach to SEO combines Onsite Technical SEO, Digital PR and Content. SEO success depends on 3 key elements:​

1.     A strong onsite technical setup & ongoing optimisation ensures we set the foundations for future growth.​


 2.    Content creation & expansion allow us to cover a wider range of terms on Google Search, and provides data-led, insightful material for backlink creation via Digital PR.​


 3.     Digital PR allows us to secure organic backlinks via a wide range of high domain authority publications, boosting a website's organic visibility across key terms and landing pages, while creating brand exposure. ​


The theory is easy to lay out but turning it into a winning strategy is much more complex. To help shed some light on this, we would like to share our recent experience and results from working with a leading international lingerie brand. Note that the below outcomes refer to the period from January to March 2021.

Improving Organic Visibility and Traffic

The first step towards success was to conduct a market analysis using our proprietary Digital Demand Tracking Technology, to allow us to better understand and react to changes in consumer demand 4 x more quickly than competitors can. We used this insight to help plan and execute a strategy to track and improve our client's organic visibility, traffic and ultimately, revenue.

Our client's growth YoY outstripped the spike in market demand, coming in at +54% over the last 6 months. Since onboarding with us, the brand's YoY traffic has increased to +58% from an average 44%. Our efforts also led brand demand to increase by 123% over the last three months, when two main competitors reached +69% and -11% over the same period.

SEO Performance

The graph below shows the organic visibility trend across 940 keywords between December and April, overlaid with a timeline of activity across onsite SEO, content and digital PR/offsite SEO. The combination of these efforts has resulted in consistent growth over the last 3 months.


SEO Ranking Improvements

We've managed to add 55 terms in the top 3 of Google (+15), 85 terms in the top 10 (+33) and 134 terms in the top 20 (+62) – numbers in brackets indicate the increase between December and April.

Visibility improved by 2%, and average position increased by 10positions - over the last 3 months, we've seen consistent ongoing improvements in organic visibility, reaching its highest point yet by March.

'Lingerie' is now ranking on page 1 of Google - there have been several improvements across high value, highly competitive terms that have had a direct result on traffic and revenue, e.g. lingerie – 10 (+46), suspenders – 5(+11), plus size lingerie – 5 (+40), high waisted knickers – 14 (+76),quarter cup bras – 1 (+35).

Digital PR Achievements

As of March, the team has secured a total of 94 links across high domain authority publications such as Stylist, WWD, Daily Star, Forbes and Cosmopolitan. ​The average DA for our link building overall was 66​.

Content Highlights and Rankings Improvements

Between January and March, we created 3 pieces of Link Building Content.

​One of our content piece is currently sitting in position 0 on Google. While a product-related piece of content is ranking high on page one.  ​Additionally, we created an another piece of content  that move up 43 places on Google SERPs and currently appears on position 2.

Some of the biggest improvements below include:


·      New Piece in position 3​

·      New piece to rank at position 46​

·      New piece to rank at position 48​

·      A Content piece Up 43 places from position 45 to 2​

·      A Content piece Up 4 places from position 11 to 7

These were some of the highlights our experienced team has been able to generate for our client. For us, this is what it means to 'Grow Every Day'.


By having a strategic, integrated and personalised approach, we drive better results. Integration across digital channels is the way to maximise potential and efficiencies. We are proud to work as an extension of our client's team and collaborate on strategic campaigns to ensure we deliver on our promise of increased business growth.


If you'd like to chat about SEO, Content or Digital PR or have digital marketing needs, we'd love to hear from you. Drop us a line at

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