Property Brand Demand Report 2019

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November 11, 2019

We analysed brand demand around the top residential, commercial, online portal and developer brands in the UK. Our analysis revealed that brand demand was predominantly down year on year, with Brexit affecting the property market on the whole. However, some brands were immune and experienced a positive uplift. Download the report below for the full rankings.

Relationship Between Direct Brand Search and Brand Health

Brand searches are inextricably linked to brand recognition, meaning they’re a direct result of awareness, competitive relevance and interest – all strong indicators of overall brand health. This specific type of search is often reserved for clients further down the sales funnel with higher potential to convert, making it a highly valuable stream of traffic.

For brands in the fiercely competitive online property sector, an increase or decrease in brand search can be attributed to several factors: the effectiveness of the marketing strategy, market-related factors, the economy, changing consumer habits or the efforts of rival brands. Fortunately, positioning from a volume perspective and a robust marketing strategy can have a significant and direct impact on brand demand.

Download the 2019 Property Brand Demand Report

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