Gamification Helps Brands Up Their Game

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October 29, 2020
Jacky Lovato

Gamification: A Catalyst For Growth

Ever heard of the term “gamification” before? Well if not, that’s great news because it’s a powerful tool you can incorporate into your marketing recipe. But what is it exactly? It simply refers to the employment of game-like elements in a non-game context. Yes, thank you gaming industry! You may be familiar with the wheel of fortune, quiz, reveal a gift, which are all traditional examples of gamification. The more advanced technology becomes the more unique and engaging the applications are. The concept is not that new to marketing and brands have used it consistently on websites, social media, and in campaigns. Think of the cosmetics industry with QR codes or even Google with their arcade-like dinosaur game. Similarly, the group Lego has also benefited from adding game elements to their strategy. With the help of Appetite Creative, they launched a fun game where users could choose from different characters to role play in a Legoland environment. The results? An 85% participation rate and an average dwell time of 70 seconds, 4.7 times more than the average according to Crazy Egg. Although gamification has various advantages it commonly helps reach deeper engagement, promote brand awareness, nurture loyalty, and generate sales. Well, why use it?

  • Gamification increases the average reading time and reduces bounce rates. It sparks interest, anticipation, and excitement, encouraging people to move on to the next steps (take a quiz or scratch for a voucher…). If the idea implemented is appealing, chances are good the users will respond to your call to action.
  • It improves the reading experience making it more enjoyable. Seeing the same “text, images, and call-to-action” structure can be boring and game-like elements can spice up this classic recipe.
  • It has a sense of novelty and can help with good-old word of mouth.  
  • It helps you gather data: Imagine using a game to make people subscribe to your newsletter. For subscribers/visitors that haven’t made any purchase, using gamification helps define what challenges they have, what products/services are of interest. How? By asking them their preferences via a game. For example, by choosing a particular item for their character/avatar from a selection of products. Your imagination is the limit here!  

Ok, and how? You’ll need to define a clear plan. Think of what action the gamification intends to solve. Promote a product, subscribe to a newsletter, visit a landing page… If it’s a complex project, you may want to collaborate with a professional for that.

  • Make it simple and coherent: as it takes seconds to scan info, keep it short and sweet. Don’t use wacky rules!  
  • Clearly explain the task: solve the puzzle, find out your perfect match.
  • Give a reward: whatever it is, congratulate their efforts with prizes/gifts/incentives.  
  • Make it fun: immerse your audience in a playful context and appeal to their emotions! Allow users to share the content and challenge their friends.
  • Use a dynamic approach: Each step of the gamification content (reveal part of a puzzle, open a new page…) should bring the participants closer to your objective.

In a nutshell, when used in marketing campaigns, gamification provides new ways of delivering content and strengthen the relationship with your clients/customers. Also, it allows you to achieve goals in a playful and light way. A shift in buying behaviour is initiated and loyalty and affection increase. Individuals want to repeat fun experiences and collect rewards and other types of gifts. Consequently, it has been proven that sales and revenue ultimately grow, not to mention that you will stand out in the crowd. Now is the time to give it a try!

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