27th January 2021

Using scripting to generate a +1,307% increase in Paid Search goal completions within the property sector

Automation is now a part of our everyday lives, from using self-checkouts in supermarkets to creating complex Google Ads scripts. One thing that’s for certain is that all automation requires human configuration, input and supervision in order to achieve optimal results.

Here’s an example of how automation can generate unbelievable results when used correctly.

We developed a customised script for one of our property brands which focused on holistically optimising budget across campaigns and keywords to maximise conversions and minimise cost per leads.

We overlaid a series of rules and thresholds which took into consideration:

·        Impressions, click, cost & conversions over the last relevant time period

·        % of budget allocated to each keyword

·        Top performing segments (locations, devices & key demographics by keyword)

·        Impression share %

Combining the above rules, we were able to simultaneously optimise thousands of keywords on a daily basis, based on meaningful data, which when combined with appropriate campaign level segmentation allowed us to generate some incredible results.

Key results:

·        1,307% increase in goal completions

·        267% increase in conversion rate

·        259% increase in clicks

·        71% reduction in CPC

·        92% reduction in CPL (Cost Per Lead)

·        3,50% increase in media spend YoY

We also saw an increase in pre-conversion metrics, which would represent an increase in traffic quality due to ongoing segmentation & optimisation, with Bounce Rate decreasing by 37% and Pages/Session going up by 44%.

The above mentioned results cover the period of November – December 2020, compared to the same period last year. Scripting was implemented & refined during October 2020. These results have also continued into 2021.

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