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For the majority of retail sectors, January was a period of decline in brand search YoY. With an intensifying cost-of-living crisis becoming the new normal for many households across the country, brands are going to have to get used to YoY declines in brand search and a decreasing overall pot of search to find a voice in.

Across retail sectors brand demand softened 7.9% YoY throughout the month, although this discrepancy shrunk from 10.1% at the start of the year to 5.3% by the month’s close.

It was the non-retail sectors where brand demand soared in January: Travel’s YoY performance undoubtedly benefited from comparison with last year’s post-Omicron context, but even so it was a strong month for the sector’s organic search in an important period of the year.

Similarly, throughout January we’ve seen Job search consistently up YoY, perhaps as a side product of the economic squeeze people are feeling at the moment and the increasing demand for flexible working.

Report Highlights

Fashion Winners

Fashion’s winners, by a considerable distance, were Shein and Primark, who consistently saw impressive YoY growth in organic search throughout the month. The increase in demand for Primark YoY will be partly attributable to their launching of an online service in November last year, but even so the increase in demand for both them and Shein is clearly also due to a deep ability to cater directly to the needs of their audience. The fast-paced, low price-point offering of these two brands is proving to connect with consumers in ways no one else can currently keep up with, and this is precisely because their proposition is aligning perfectly with the demands of an increasingly large audience in the UK.

Major retailers see significant declines

Several major retailers saw significant declines across the month: Argos lost over two million searches (3.7%), Ikea 1.8 million (9.7%), Homebase 1.3 million (21.5%), DFS 500,000 (17.3%), and Wayfair lost 460,000 searches (30.6%).


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