Techmas Search Demand Report

Electronics and Christmas

[About] the Report

This report delves into the consumer electronics industry over H2 of 2023 and the organic search trends that shaped the sector. As well as this, it also looks at the Christmas landscape for multiple sectors including supermarkets and department stores. It explores why particular brands and trends are succeeding whilst others are falling behind, and what the future of the sectors may look like.

To gather this data we used MediaVision Metis to collect insights from thousands of keyword searches in the Brand and Market Demand Trackers on a weekly basis.

Report Highlights

Sustainability is here to stay

Sustainability is a trend that has been dominating throughout every single sector in 2023.

In the consumer electronics department, second-hand and refurbished products have seen an uptick, especially in the latter half of the year.

We can also see sustainability affecting the way consumers shop, with green retailer Oddbox up 16% amidst a decline for most other supermarkets.


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