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In this report, we’ve ranked brand demand for more than 100 of the biggest residential, commercial, portal and developer brands in the property market. This shows us who the market leaders are, and which brands have seen the biggest growth or decline in demand over the past year. To collect the data, we used our Digital Demand Tracker, our in-house tech that helps us track search behaviour fast.

Report Highlights

Sector Results: What the market looks like

Overall brand searches across the property industry soared by 35% last year, with both established brands and disruptive newcomers
growing the total market. These results show the aggregate increase in
brand demand across the market.

A Manic Year for Residential Brands

Last year, online searches for ‘rental properties’, ‘houses for sale’ and ‘property for sale’ increased by 15%. It may not seem like a lot at first glance, but it means there were almost 4 million more searches for these terms in 2021 than the year before.

Residential brands have been adapting quickly. Those who reacted fast to unprecedented demand are reaping the rewards of increased visibility – 21 of the 25 analysed have seen an uplift in demand. Perfectly placed to take advantage of sales ahead of the Stamp Duty holiday withdrawal, Savills and Dexters are both up 9%, followed by Haart and Foxtons.

Adapting to a Shifting Landscape

Property developers have faced several hurdles in the last year. The way we interact with physical space has changed, construction was halted across the UK for months, and sectors are bouncing back
at a vastly different pace across the country. As retail and office space saw a drastic dip, industrial, storage and logistic facilities surged, and
brands have had to adapt quickly to this radically shifting landscape.

Of the 45 brands analysed, 31 saw demand increase.


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